Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 22, 2011

The Strong Word – June 2011

Unusually, due to the late Easter, we are to celebrate both Pentecost (on the 12th) and Ascension day (on the 2nd ) in June this year. I often think that these festivals are not given the correct prominence in the Christian Church, with Christmas, Easter and Harvest eclipsing them, especially as Ascension day is always on a Thursday.

However, Pentecost is they say the Birthday of the Church, when we celebrate The Holy Spirit coming to give the power so that we could be the Church in this difficult world. It is the time when the wind of God‟s Spirit blows into and through our lives to empower us for Christian living. The great missionary Hudson Taylor, working in China around 100 years ago came to realise, after much service, that it was not what he could do for God that mattered but what God could do for and through him that really counted, making a real difference in his circumstances. The same is, I believe true for us today.

If you read the magazine this month you may catch a glimpse of me in a flying suit, indoor sky diving in Bedford. I thought I would be too heavy to fly, but no it was OK and I duly launched out into the wind tunnel, feeling like superman except without my underwear on the outside of my body suit!

We were told firmly before we started of the dangers and of the need not to try too hard to fly but to trust ourselves to the wind that was passing us at 180 miles an hour. The key was to relax (!) and let the correct body posture of “Chin up and Bum in” enable the body to fly through the air.

The key to success in the church since Pentecost is to keep our chin up and trust ourselves to the power of God that he sends. I will be honest it was tempting to stay on the sidelines, to just watch others carried along by the wind, but when it was my turn it was exhilarating as well as a bit scary to jump into the wind tunnel and really struggle to relax!

May we all be brave Christians as we learn to live and trust in the power of the Spirit. There is I believe no other way to live (and to fly) for our Lord.

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