Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | October 30, 2011

Harvest Update – By Rev Peter Strong


As you know this year at the Harvest weekend we were keen to raise as much cash as we could for Christian Aid to help those people we see on TV in so much need. We collected and we sold goods to raise over £300 in total, about 15% up on last year, which was great!


We received less produce and tins than previously but more cash. The tins and dry goods like pasta, were earmarked for Homestart, situated in the William Knibb Centre, so they can do as they always do at Christmas, give out small food parcels to local families with young children near to Christmas.


This year was odd, there was less goods and tins but what we had was used in 3 different ways. A few tins were sold for cash, some were taken by me to Homestart, and some ended up at the homeless centre – St Judes, in Northampton Road.


I was on the way to Homestart with our goods but on the way I found myself at a meeting of St Judes where the homeless people spend their days down Northampton Road. The day I was there, six young men who were sleeping rough nearby, were being fed and I was asked if I know of anyone who had a few spare tins of veg to supplement what was on offer. I looked in the car and was surprised to find a few tins of vegetables, peas, sweet corn, carrots, green beans and the like, I felt it right to hand it over in the name of Carey and then took the rest to Homestart, before I met anyone else!


So this year the harvest produce has blessed many different people and makes me realise that maybe we need to think outside the box in future years as the recession hits and the needs in our community escalate.

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