Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | October 31, 2011

Centenary Exhibition

During November there will an exhibition in the Church and Church Room with artefacts, pictures and documents from the past 100 years of our Church building. If all goes to plan the exhibition will open on Sunday 4th November and will be open up to the beginning of Advent.

The Church will be opened at 09.30 each Sunday and will close around 12.30 after the service. If you would like the church open at any other time please contact Keith Mitchell (07777 637988) or one of the Centenary Committee and they will try to arrange something for you.

Our aim in 2012 and beyond is similar as we move forward in faith to upgrade the site to be suitable for the 21st century .

Our treasurer and Building Committee Chairman, Paul Greenaway, recently signed on the dotted line as the Church has appointed Charles Ridley to project manage and oversee the work to produce a structural and measured survey and a feasibility study. Once we have these surveys and studies we can assess our options and make decisions, probably in the new year.

Charles is an ex-BB boy, going through the Junior section with Sheila Farrow.


For further information, visit the Centenary pages at

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