Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | December 6, 2011

Centenary Weekend

WOW!! What a weekend for our celebrations.

From the comments I have heard since the weekend, the arrangements were just about balanced right, there was something for everyone from Saturday morning‟s fun day for the children to the “ Songs of Praise” service.

The fun day was a new experience for Carey and proved to be a success, twenty children between the ages of 5 and 14 enjoyed a variety of activities all centred around the wise man building his house upon the rocks. These activities included sand play, biscuit decorating, bracelet making, and Jenga for the younger ones and house building with cardboard boxes for the older ones.

In the evening we enjoyed a concert of varied acts with Joan Carnell singing “concert hall” style songs, a comedian with some cracking jokes, two short plays and a instrumental duet, then of course there was Dame Nellie Cooper and her caterpillar “Cecil”, a must see video!!

On Sunday we enjoyed two worship services, the morning a family service for all.

In the evening 17 hymns were sung in just over the hour with Ken Barley returning to play the organ. All the hymns were bid for totalling over £200 and over £1000 was raised over the weekend towards the building fund.

Over the three weeks leading up to the weekend many artefacts, photos and documents were displayed around the church and brought back many memories of the history of Carey and along with the publicity in the local Evening Telegraph it resulted in contact from old members and friends alike.

There are too many people to thank, with many people helping at the different events, but the family of Carey pulled together to make another memorable occasion in the history of the church.

There are many photos and videos still to be seen and it is hoped to have a commemorative book of photos available soon along with DVD‟s of each service and the concert either individually or as a box set!! All to raise money for the Centenary Appeal.

Although the weekend was about the past hundred years, it was a springboard for the future. We now have to concentrate on that future, raising the money and improving the church buildings and making it “Fit for Purpose” in the 21st Century.

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