Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 12, 2012

The Strong Word – February 2012

I am sure you will agree with me it is good to have lighter nights and mornings as the New Year progresses rapidly. Just over a month ago we enjoyed as a Church a happy Christmas season, with a variety of services that enables a lot of us and our friends to truly celebrate the Christmas story together. It is times like this that reminds us of the importance of buildings that are fit for the purpose of worship and gathering together.

The year may be new but many things remain the same. Responsibilities and commitments carry over into the new year, as do health and other issues in our lives. The Church buildings remain near the top of our New Year agenda as the building committee grapple with the details and the reality of the problems.

As Christians we do not believe that we carry this burden alone. We move into the future and know that God himself is present to lead and to guide us. Indeed, James chapter one reminds us, issues and problems actually strengthen our faith as we are honest and recognise we cannot do this by ourselves. We may (wrongly) muddle through the normal concerns of Church life, but when the whole fabric of our building is up in the air, we know we need special help from the Lord. We can also notice if we look around there remains other jobs that need doing, people that need encouragement, and a gospel that needs to be told to others.

We cannot rest on our laurels or on the commitment of others in the past or the present because the New Year beckons us to use and invest wisely our time and talents to ensure a rich eternal harvest. The economists tell us there are few good places to invest in 2012, so why not invest in the church at Carey, where moth and rust do not corrupt?

The dividends paid will be higher than you think!

May the Lord bless you and yours in the New Year, and may it be that we have the wisdom to know the way to go, as well as the courage and faith to go there. We have noted with Jonah over the month of January, God does give free choice. He did support Jonah and he will support and bless us, if we choose the right way, the way he wants us to go. I am also encouraged by Jonah, as I know even if we make bad choices the Lord will continue to pursue us and encourage a change of mind.

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