Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 27, 2012

The Strong Word – February 2012

Walking around in better weather these last few days, the sun higher

in the sky and winds lighter, it makes me feel like it is time to spring

clean. The office, the garage even the garden could all do with a

makeover. They are showing the signs!

I remember years ago helping my grandfather to creosote his fence

and to mend the loose panels one March, to make good the damage from the

wintertime to prepare the garden for the summer growing season. To follow the old

motto, it was a stitch in time to save nine.

Lent is also about a spring clean of the heart and life. It is a chance to look inside

ourselves, at our habits and ways that simply have gained the upper hand as it

were. Lent is a time to deal with the weeds that

have grown up and choked off the word of God in

our lives.

They say it is in February when most people feel

fat! We look at ourselves as spring arrives and

realise that the winter has not been good for us,

again! The waist is bigger than expected, so my

newspaper reported, many feel and believe we look

fat! The paper then proceeded to offer options as

to how to deal with this extra weight, in time for the summer.

I was particularly interested to read that the most successful slimmer’s are those

who do it with a friend or group of friends, which is why I suppose slimming clubs

have so much to offer. It is the same with church and house group or whatever we

come to at Carey. Such times together help us deal with the spiritual excesses that

seem to distort our real lives, our real selves. It is always good to be able to share

and talk, to be able to set goals and to realise that we all have the same struggles

and the need of forgiveness and love from God himself.

Lent comes and goes too quickly, often before I have had a chance to really get

around to a proper spring clean of my heart. May it not be so this year. Then as

we come to Easter, may we truly be able to celebrate all that we know God has

done for us in his son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again so the spring clean of

our lives could be complete and we can be presented to God the Father pure and

spotless, a new creation ready for His purposes to be revealed and fulfilled in our


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