Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 24, 2012

The Strong Word – July/August 2012

 They tell me that when you are on a cruise liner, you cannot always tell whether you are underway or not, the same is true on an aeroplane. Passengers ask each other are we off the ground yet?

On Wednesday 13th June we had a Special Church Meeting with 41 people present. The Church building was discussed in the light of the recent reports from QS Charles. A proposal from the deacons to put the Church on the market, to sell it, in the light of the numerous urgent and very urgent works required.

It was unanimously agreed by the members present that we should put the Church building on the market. During the discussion words like millstone and neck were even used!

So we find ourselves on a journey, a journey we have been on for a while, perhaps without realising it, a journey into the future and into the unknown. Who will want to buy it, what are the timescales, what will happen to the work of Carey….there are endless questions that we do not know the answer to yet, but we will do in time.

The Deacons have set up a number of committees to look at our options over the summer months. Then they will report back in the Autumn what is needed to prepare for a sale and to continue to raise funds for such a move. We believe that the Church buildings may be failing us, but as a Church, as a body of people we are viable and enthusiastic for mission and ministry in the community over the next few years. We are seeking to discover where we should be, and what we shall be doing.

The meeting had begun with five letters requesting Baptism and Church membership from some of our friends. A reminder that the Lord is indeed at work amongst us, and will continue to be. (The service is planned for the 9th September).

We also continue to be a good witness at the coffee morning at Toller and show how Carey can be Carey even in other places!

So please do not be alarmed at the news. Continue to pray for guidance that we believe God is giving us through the reports from QS Charles, the various Church meetings and also through the message that seems to be whispered into many hearts that the Church building we currently have is not to be saved.

If anyone wishes to speak with me privately about concerns then I am happy to meet you at home, at Church or even in a coffee shop to chat it through.

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