Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | August 26, 2012

Future update


As reported last month, the special church meeting agreed to get the church valued with a view to selling the complete site.

Since then the deacons have met and have set up 4 sub-groups to look at the practicalities and ramifications of this action. The Secretary and Treasurer will arrange the valuation and sale of the premises, this has been put in process but as yet there is nothing for the church to decide on. They have met with the Baptist Union and with Barnes Noble Edwards who have advised us on the steps we need to take to facilitate the sale and it is planned to update the church at the next Church Meeting on October 3rd and not September the 5th as agreed at the last church meeting.

The deacons have asked for a working party to be set up to look at the options for the church when the building is sold, whether this is a short term or long term solution.

This working party is made up of Jacky Bacon, Fred Northern, Joy Sergison, Liz Dunkley, Laura Partington, Karen White with the secretary, treasurer and minister co-opted as and when necessary. The brief description of the terms of reference are “The Committee shall consider options for the future of the Fellowship of Carey Baptist Church when the current site is sold” with an emphasis on the fellowship not the building although the two need to be run close to each other.

There are two other sub-groups, both equal in importance, the fund raising group and artefact and assets group to decide what should be done with them when we have to move out. Liz Dunkley has offered to liaise with dates but not actually organise each event. We will still need to raise funds to carry out whatever is decided but the fund will now be called “The Development Fund” so keep up the fundraising just let Liz know any events and their dates.

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