Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | September 28, 2012

The Strong Word – September 2012


It has been good to start the new season with the harvest weekend and an especially nice harvest supper, enjoyed by all who came along. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the many things happen over the weekend, such as the windows and the technology as well as the cooks and waitresses/waiters on Monday. It has been exciting to start the season with a study on the Book of Acts, not just at house groups but also referred to on some Sunday mornings, there are a few more references still to come!

It has been good to read of ordinary people changed by the presence of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives, transformed, we have seen people used of God to bring a blessing into their world.

We also noted the early church did not ask for problems to be removed, nor expected Father God to make life easy, but instead asked for strength and wisdom to deal with issues and situations as they arose. They asked for the power and inner resources to get through whatever the day brings. The prayers of those early disciples took a long look at God and only a brief glance at their problems. Scripture was read before prayer, then used to feed their prayer life and encourage their faith. God was always the centre of their thoughts and hopes. Further, God was always given the glory and thanks for the answers he gave and blessings he added to lives. Things were very much left in God’s hands.

I am reminded of that old school hymn:-

Father hear the prayer we offer

Not for ease that prayer shall be.

But for strength that we may ever

Live our lives courageously.

The fourth verse calls for more of the same:

Be our strength in hours of weakness,

In our wanderings be our guide,

Through endeavour, failure, danger,

Father be thou at our side.


During our group meetings we have come to realise that this is the faith we are not just to admire in those early Christians but to copy, and to trust that we shall be used by God to bring light and hope, a blessing into our circumstances. Such things do not just happen but need to be worked at by prayer and active faith day by day.

The last verse of the same hymn speaks plainly as it encourages us to be a central part of God’s work through our prayers and actions:-

Let our path be bright or dreary,

Storm or sunshine be our share.

May our souls in hope un-weary,

Make thy work our ceaseless prayer.

May we each know something of God’s presence and power in our lives day by day


  1. Good words Peter. Hope you are all well? Best regards Stan

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