Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 17, 2012

The Strong Word – November 2012

Our recent Songs of Praise Service has marked 100 years since “we” began using the chapel for worship. We have paused to recognise all that has been done by The Lord with us and the local community in the last 100 years. We have praised and thanked God that he should choose to use people like us, and places like this, to do his work.

We look forward to the future as we continue to seek direction for our steps.

“Carey” has indeed lived the dream of the Baptist Christians of Kettering of 1890 and used the chapel with its surrounding buildings to extend God’s Kingdom. We want to continue to discover how the church, buildings and people, can best be used to serve the community again. What is the divine plan now? What is our part in it?

The year 1912 was not easy, it was a strange time. The world was in turmoil, as superpowers vied for supremacy. It was a year that man’s efforts were revealed to be inadequate. The Titanic, one of the greatest ships ever to set sail, sank on its maiden voyage, and Captain Scott failed to return after the success of reaching the South Pole, despite great courage and bravery.

As human beings it is tempting to make plans, to trust in ourselves and in what we know, in what we can make and do. To trust in what we see and want. However, in Isaiah 55.v8 we are told “For my thoughts are not your thoughts nor your ways my ways says the Lord.” The Lord asks us to seek him while he may be found and call upon him while he is near….for God desires to send his spirit into the world like the rain that falls, so that the ground may be watered, lives blessed, churches built, harvests produced.

At Communion we often pray we can be “living sacrifices”. I believe as we begin a new century at Carey that this must be our true desire, to be willing to sacrifice what we count as important, so that the Kingdom of God may come to the equally strange and tumultuous world of 2013 and beyond.

The Church at Carey can indeed be a lasting sign to the world that will honour God, and be a blessing for the 21st Century in Kettering and beyond.

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