Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | March 30, 2013

The Strong Word – April 2013

Jesus Christ is risen today – Halleluiah

The other day I was surprised to see an elderly couple pushing a Nissan Micra (it was white and 04 registration for those interested) along Weekley Glebe Road. They were quite an old-ish couple but with both passenger and driver’s windows open, and using the steering wheel wisely they were making fair progress. I even slowed down to admire their achievement. They were moving the car along at a steady 2 miles an hour heading out of Kettering!

I will be honest I was keen to turn around and see how they would cope when they joined the A43 and then perhaps attempted the slight hill on the corner as they went through Weekley! Thoughts of them getting to the A14 briefly flashed into my mind and with a smile I just knew that however long I waited that would be a step too far, wouldn’t it?

But they were, as I say, making steady progress down Weekley Glebe Road, even coping with the speed bumps! I do hope that you have had a happy Easter, that you have had the chance again to celebrate the love of God that comes to us at such a great cost. The cost is the life of Jesus Christ, God’s Son – our Saviour.

It can be so easy to get back to normal again. To live as though Easter never happened. Easter is the start of the Christian Church not the end! We look forward to the celebration of Pentecost in 50 days time, but of course we have the benefits of Pentecost in our lives, the Spirit of Jesus Christ available to us each day to energise, bless and to guide us. He enables us to be faithful and effective witnesses of Jesus Christ .We cannot live the Christian life without the daily access to God’s spirit, through prayer and faith, nor should we attempt to do so. Easter is a sign from heaven that God wants to work in partnership with men and women like you and me.

If we try and live the Christian life in our own strength and our own way, then we shall be like the couple pushing their Nissan Micra. Not only will we make little progress but we will also fail to instil any confidence in others that we are in fact able to go anywhere because we cannot do Christianity and life alone can we?

May the Lord Bless us and fill us each with his spirit for the journey ahead.

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