Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | October 6, 2013

The Strong Word – October 2013


Harvest has come and gone, again! Once again we have recalled the promises of God in scripture that there will always be summer, winter, springtime and harvest as long as the earth exists. (see Genesis 8)

Once again we have said thank you to God for his faithfulness to us as a human race even though we have often not responded well to him.

But what difference do our harvest services make? Are we more concerned and generous to those who do not have food, water or the shelter they need?

My sister is married to a farmer. To visit him at any time of the year was interesting, especially at Harvest. Roger would hire in a combine harvester and while the weather stayed right it would harvest the fields for 24 hours a day, non stop, except for a change of driver. Other tractors would follow to collect the grain, the hay and to plough the field to prepare for the next harvest, even before this years is safely gathered in.

As we move into October, this is the time of year when we remember the establishment and building of Carey church here in King Street. It is a time when we remember the effort that went into putting this church in place and the way it has been used by the Lord to bless many over the years. We acknowledge the various “harvests” and blessings the church has enjoyed as we remember with affection those who gave so much time, talent and money to see such harvests.

I feel this year we are like the tractor that follows the combine harvester. We are called to prepare for the next harvest even before the previous one is finished. To hear of the plans to change the premises, to alter our church significantly so that a new generation can be reached through the church at Carey.

The church meeting will be a time when we see the plans and hear the costs. A time when we recognise God provides the seasons and the seed, but it is the farmer who has to plant and work the fields if a harvest is to be produced.

To vote for the project is to recognise our responsibilities to work the site, to use the God given provision here in King Street so that the Kingdom of God may once again see a harvest in this part of Kettering. Who is taking the first turn on the tractor? Who will be the next?



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