Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 7, 2013

The Strong Word November 2013


It was good to celebrate Baptism and Communion at the same service on 20th October. We continue to pray for Kari as she begins life as a new member of Carey.

It is surprising how hymns bring back memories. Many will have identified with “O Jesus I Have Promised” while I found “And Can It Be” a good reminder of a number of Baptisms I attended in my teenage years.

The day was a busy one as we all found ourselves back at Church in the afternoon for a momentous church meeting, when we sought to catch a vision of the future of the church here at Carey.

It was a time of reflection on all the plans that had been so carefully put together for the meeting, and then an overwhelming ‘Yes’ to the future.

As I look back on the day, I thank God for being amongst us and calling us to a common future and vision. Also for the confidence we have gained to move forward in this project. I am also reminded of the hymn we often used to sing at Baptisms (by Phillip Doddridge of Northampton) “O Happy day, that fixed my choice, on you my saviour and my God” a hymn, for me, which connects the events of the 20th October together.

It is a hymn that speaks of our choice to follow and serve our Lord Jesus, but also there was a chorus, often not printed in the hymn book, do you remember it?

We are marching to Zion,

Wonderful, wonderful Zion,

We are marching to Zion,

That wonderful City of God.

I feel that after witnessing the Baptism and identifying ourselves with Kari, we then did what we must always do after Baptism and communion, we began again the Christian journey, one that will lead us, and all who follow Jesus, to Zion, the wonderful home beyond this world. The place to which we are all heading. My prayer is that the refurbished church will be a place where many others will be able to join us and to find that path that leads to Life.


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