Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 4, 2014

The Strong Word – June 2014


By the time you read this Phase 1 of the building work in the church should have begun! It is an exciting time as we make ourselves better able to serve the local community in the 21st Century, with a building that is easier to maintain and heat.

We are on Phase 1, with more Phases to come! Further plans and meetings will involve input and thought from us all, there is also a financial cost! The money is in place for Phase 1 and 2, but we must continue to raise funds and ask for grants as we seek to complete what we have begun. We will then turn our attention to the rooms around and under the organ.

It is likely a good proportion of the money needed for Phase 3 will come from the sale of the Hall, but not all, so we shall have to keep on with our fund raising efforts.

In this regard, the recent church meeting agreed to have a gift day for the project on Sunday, 6th July. I am not sure how much of the project will be completed by then, but we hope to have a pause in the service and a chance to make a donation to the work, separate to the morning offering.

Please consider prayerfully your response to this request. Much of the money for the work has come from the sale of the Manse, and a one off generous gift, also from the sale of the Hall as well as many small donations from a variety of fundraising efforts. The gift day is a chance for us all to be generous, to go the extra mile for the project, a way of giving honour to our Lord for his goodness to us. We want to complete the work with no debt and move forward in Ministry and Mission.

The Scriptures remind us in II Corinthians 9.v7 “Each should give what they decide in their heart, neither reluctantly nor under any compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Gifts of whatever size make a difference as they are blessed by the Lord himself. I also believe that to concern ourselves with the things of God means in a strange sort of way we find our own needs and concerns met by him. It is a law of the Kingdom that if we give we shall also be given to. May we resolve, friends and members of Carey alike to work together in various ways to see this project through. May the Lord bless our work together in him.

Peter Strong

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