Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 28, 2014

Building Update

As you will be aware the refurbishment of the worship area of the church moves on a pace. Since the work started at the beginning of June the circumstances have developed and the plans have had to change. It has become necessary to carry out Phase 2 at the same time to enable the main church to continue.
The Working Party and Deacons agreed to make alterations to the original plans for the foyer area. This in turn allows two toilets to be fitted in the foyer and anyone going upstairs will now have to come through the church, collecting a hymn book on the way. It also means we know if anyone is upstairs.
We have looked carefully at the storage facilities in the church and it was felt putting the two storage rooms (as the original design shows) would cut out the light and make the church look small again so we have moved the storage areas.
As you may have seen in the local press the builders found a time capsule in the base of the Stone laid by W. Higgins at the front of the church when it was built in November 1911.
The capsule contained newspapers from the time, a programme from the stone laying ceremony and a promise form to donate to the building fund.
The Higgins Stone, along with the Carey Window will be stored until a suitable place can be found to re-locate them somewhere in the church. The William Carey window was carefully removed and boxed up to ensure it is kept safe whilst in storage.
We now need to raise the money to complete Stage 3 of the refurbishments. The next event is the gift service on July 6th when everyone has a chance to donate to the Development Fund which will stay open until the project is complete. Please bear in mind the church still has other financial commitments to fulfil

Keith Mitchell

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