Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | September 18, 2014

The Strong Word September 2014


As September arrives, our new season begins at Carey as always, after the summer break. We face some significant changes and differences as the church refurbishment project comes to a climax and we consider returning to the church for worship and other things as the hall is also sold. These are exciting and different days at Carey, as a new chapter beckons us forward. A chapter that we are all called to write together. One which is more like a new volume than a new chapter!

I note from Bible times that the Israelites spent many years of their history either planning or building the first and then the second temple. (After the first Temple was destroyed by an invading army in 586BC).

King Solomon, after he had managed to build the glorious first Temple, struggled to keep the nation focussed once the physical building was finished. Whilst in the time of Jesus, “Herod’s Temple” had only recently been completed in all its glory, when Jesus enters it as on Palm Sunday. But amazingly he is treated as an impostor rather than as the Messiah coming home to his Father’s house!

We face the same challenges. The building work has and will for the next few months keep us focussed and together in unity and purpose. We will then be faced with the job of using and working together in our new circumstances. We have the responsibility as someone reminded me recently to keep the church as welcoming and friendly as it has always been, making sure that Jesus himself is also both welcome and present amongst us when we meet.

Jesus is not just present because we call the building a church and do religious things! He needs to be respected and honoured by the things we say and do. He has to be invited to our meetings and gatherings as we allow him to dwell amongst us and to bless all who meet in his name in the new buildings.

We shall most of all need to think, to pray and be guided into ways of how we can use our new facilities to introduce people to Jesus who is our leader and our inspiration, and longs to be the friend of many. Any ideas?

I hope also that we will consider what we do which may need to stop, and how available we are to support new things in our new building. For he has “no hands but our hands to do his work today”!

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