Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | October 4, 2014

The Strong Word – October 2014


A good number of us have been meeting on Monday afternoons in September to discuss the subject of prayer. We have learned most of all, there is a lot more to learn and do, action is required! To actually pray and not just talk about it!

We have observed the changes that prayer brings and the confidence that can come through a healthy prayer life. Yet we are all conscious of the barriers and the set backs that come to us all as we have to wait longer than we like for an answer or when an answer is not as we expected or hoped. Further we all have to wrestle with the doubts that creep in as we wonder about the God to whom we pray. Can he do this? Is he there? Does he care? These are common questions it seems that everyone wrestles with, even the Archbishop of Canterbury!

(In a newspaper article recently the Archbishop told of his occasional doubts about God and prayer).

Parables of Jesus about the Friend at midnight (Luke 11) or the Widow and the Judge (Luke 18) remind us of the need for persistence and determination when praying. To have no fall back or rescue plan as we put our trust and focus only in God.

As with all new ventures, we should start small, pray for what we can believe and trust in, to see God’s faithfulness in small things, then be able to graduate to “bigger” prayers. There is no magic formula and the prayer life of a Christian never comes to an end.

I saw on the news the other day a number of significant marches and protests for action on climate change to take place. There were marches in many cities of the world. A reporter interviewed a celebrity on a march and asked what good a march was to reduce carbon emissions? She just turned to him and said this:- “The March does no good at all , but when each of the marchers go home and start to do something, little things, turn off lights, be wise in energy use, source power from renewable sources, encourage friends and family to do the same then there will be a change.”

So can I encourage us ALL to pray, big or small prayers, to live in closer fellowship with the Lord than we have in the past. There will be a change, we shall make a difference.




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