Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 30, 2014

Building Update December 2014


The work on the worship area is now complete but the deacons took the decision that the under floor heating needs to be extended into the two corners of the church. This work is to be carried out during December ready for our Christmas services, unfortunately this means we will not be able to have the stable up the corner. Don’t worry we will have it set up on the rostrum!

At the recent church meeting we were told of the income and expenditure of the church and the Development Fund along with a breakdown of the expected expenditure for the additional work we have to have done. As the work has progressed on the damp proofing further problems have occurred and it has become necessary to extend the level of work carried out which therefore meant we have had higher costs which has, as a consequence, meant we have not been able to carry out some of the other work we would like to have done.

The back area of the church is still in the planning stage but we cannot start this until the hall sale is signed and sealed.

With the new worship area we have had to rethink the Church Christmas decorations and we thank Angela Bray and family for their input and work. We can’t have candles as we have before so watch this space to see what they came up with, or alternatively come along on December 21st and enjoy the service.


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