Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 30, 2014

The Strong Word Christmas 2015


Once again Christmas is upon us! Within a few days we shall begin familiar behaviours and actions! The list of things we do at this time of the year, in no particular order, will involve:- singing carols, writing Christmas cards, eating rich food, wrapping presents, visiting people we rarely visit, going to church, shopping, watching repeats on TV ….and more ..

Soon after the razzmatazz is over, New Year celebrations for 2015 will beckon us! Christmas will quickly be a distant memory. Suddenly in early January we will notice it is a long, cold, dark month!

Maybe during the time over Christmas and New Year there will be someone we meet, a present that is given or a place we go to that sticks in the mind, and makes a difference?

My hope is that the Christmas story will not be stale or over familiar for us. My prayer is that there will be a character in the Nativity play, a thought, a verse of a familiar Carol, or words from one of the Bible readings that will lodge itself in our hearts and stick in our minds. Words and thoughts that will not leave us but enable us to go forward into the New Year confident in the God who came to show his love.

God really does love us. He has shown this by sending his only son (Clue:- John 3.16?). After our celebrations of such love we are called to live out our lives with this truth at the centre. Will it make a difference to how we behave, where we go, what we do with our time, how we give ourselves to the life of the church and others?

Many visited the Baby Jesus, Angels, shepherds, Kings, even animals, yet after the first few days of his life they go back to “normal”. Some like Herod and the religious leaders wanted to visit but did not get around to it. Just Mary and Joseph stick with Jesus and grow with him as the years go by. They gave up their plans and hopes, so they could participate in the great plan of God for mankind.

Which of the characters in the Christmas story are we like? Are we prepared to give up “our” plans and hopes so that God’s plans might take place in our world today?

It is a question we must all answer individually as we meet with Jesus this December.

Happy Christmas

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