Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 23, 2015

The Strong Word – February 2015


After a brief pause at the start of the year most of us are back to normal now! It is always good to get back to “normal!”, but what is normal I hear you ask? I suppose the answer to that comes in a variety of ways, for example:-

 When we know what day of the week it is!

 When we know what’s on the TV!

 When we go to familiar places at familiar times!

 When all the chocolates and biscuits have gone and we eat sensibly!


Well there is a start, I am sure you can add to that list.

On a more serious and thoughtful note, I remember some years ago now being introduced to the writings of the missionary Watchman Nee. He was a Chinese missionary who did a lot of preaching and teaching in China after the MaoTse Tung revolution of 1948. He wrote inspirational books, often like the apostle Paul, he wrote from a prison cell, where he was often kept to stop him preaching.

One of his books, “The Normal Christian Life” was, for me, quite a book, even if it is only 192 pages. I still have it on my shelf and refer to it from time to time. In fact I am considering reading it again soon. It begins with the statement that the normal Christian life is very different from the average Christian life. Such a statement certainly made me think. Nee continues by saying that no one except Jesus has ever lived a normal Christian life.

The book however outlines the dedication of Watchman Nee to Jesus after he became a Christian. Nee puts Jesus and His Kingdom first in his life. He is always willing to hear and obey the Lord.

The results are amazing. Nee is one of the reasons why communism was never able to stamp out the church in China. There are an estimated 250 million Christians in China today, because of Nee and others like him.

So, maybe getting back to normal in 2015, is not something we have achieved yet. Maybe an aim for the year is to become more normal Christians in 2015 and to encourage one another to do so as well! To be more like Jesus by the end of the year than we were at the beginning. Now that really will make a difference in our community and our world!

Happy New Year,


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