Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | May 4, 2015

The Strong Word – May 2015


I don’t watch many films on TV these days, sometimes it feels like it is just election broadcasts that are on anyhow or yet another political manifesto unveiled!

However, my memory of what was classed as a good film was when we witnessed “the chase” as it were. Then in the last scene “they” kiss. But, whoosh, the film ends, the credits run and we never get to know if they married, how many children they had, what sort of house they lived in, or whether they managed to reach their golden wedding! We are left to speculate.

The gospels can be a bit like that, with many, many stories of healings and teaching. Stories of people coming to Jesus but we never hear what happened to them. Where did people like Zaccheus go? What happened to the daughter of Jairus? Or to the widow of Nain and her son who was raised from the dead? Did the rich young ruler come back to Jesus? We do not even hear much of the disciples after Easter.

Easter is soon gone, the appearances of Jesus to the disciples after his resurrection dry up quickly as the Ascension, which is on 14th May this year sees Jesus taken from the world into heaven. We are left to speculate.

It has been an exciting story to follow the gospel message but like the couple on the road to Emmaus and many in Jerusalem at that time, we can be left confused as to what it all means for us. What should WE do about this amazing and true story of Jesus of Nazareth?

Unlike a film, we cannot just go back to our lives and forget we ever saw the film.

We have a responsibility to do something. The fact that the church today has over 1.5 billion people, that it has been used to make such a difference in so many places, means that those few disciples, 120 or so, actually believed the message, received the Holy Spirit and preached the gospel, baptising as they went.

I find it interesting that on the pastoral role at Carey there are 122 people, excluding children, there were almost that number at Carey on Easter Sunday. The story of Easter if we choose to believe it, and live it, will make a difference to the street, the town, the workplace, and the world in which we live.

The results of our faith and actions prompted by our faith should not worry us, it is the believing and the doing that should be our concern. We may not be known to many, but the God we worship will be honoured as his Kingdom comes. This surely is the true result of the Easter message.

We may not understand everything, but to act in faith in the knowledge that Jesus is risen from the dead and lives today to empower us to be like him is just the start of a real adventure of Faith. May it be that all of us at Carey can play our part in God’s story of Salvation for this world.

Why not read the story of the great commission in Matthew 28 verses 16-20?

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