Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | July 2, 2015

The Strong Word – July/August 2015

After a number of false starts, summer is with us at last. Over the last few months we have had hopes of summer, even some optimistic weather forecasts from the newspapers where the headlines have screamed, “Warmer than the Med this weekend”, but it did not happen, unless the Med is particularly cold this year!
The days may have become longer, but cold winds have continued with frosts even threatened until only a few days ago. Where is global warming when you want it? But now we have at last felt the warmth of the sun, and it is possible to go out after 6.00 p.m. without a jumper on.
Our Christian lives can be a bit like an English summer, they can take a while to get going. We can have such hopes for our faith and our relationship with God, but things don’t always work out, there are setbacks! Our hearts can remain stubbornly cold and hard. We don’t want them to be but they are. We don’t always behave like Christians and we can be disappointed, as can others in us. We don’t always rise to the occasions of need with a confident faith.
But, if we persevere with our prayer life, our reading of the word, meeting together week by week refusing to be discouraged by slow progress, or no progress, then the warmth and light of the summer of God’s love and presence WILL come into our hearts and lives.
Often in early July, especially if we have given up on the weather forecasters, we wake up one day and unexpectedly, the heat is here, the sun is out, we wonder why we ever needed to wear a jumper let alone a coat! That is how it can be in our hearts. God does persevere with us and we can grow by waiting upon him, as many scriptures tell us to. (See the end of Psalm 27 for instance, or the end of Isaiah 40, where God reminds us:- “those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will rise up with wings as eagles they will run and not be weary they will walk and not faint.)
We can and must “Expect great things from God ….”
I pray that we all may know and enjoy the warmth of the presence of God in our lives this summer season.


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