Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | August 31, 2015

The Strong Word – September 2015


A familiar poem that is read at some funerals begins, “If tomorrow starts without me….” If I am honest I feel a bit like that as we move into September this year. A new season in the life of Carey Church begins after the summer break, but I will not be with you!

During the month of September, I am on Sabbatical, just for the month, plus a few days in very early October. It will be odd, as I do not have to write sermons or attend meetings, and the life of the church will move on. There is the chance for the church to sample different sorts of preachers and worship each week.

I am hoping to catch up with some reading, an area that I have been remiss in of late, and also I hope to visit a few other churches, as well as attend a time in the Northumbrian community where spiritual direction can be applied to life. The five or so weeks will include some holiday too, as I will return with the run up to Christmas taking over all our lives! I have already booked, and part paid for my Christmas Lunch with the coffee club!

In the busy modern world, none of us have any space even to think and reflect, it is always the next task and when it is not that then the TV or demands of life creep in and take away our “me” time.

Looking back, since I was 18, I realise that I have never had more than a week away from work at any one time, except for a few years in the 1990’s when we took holidays which lasted a fortnight with the children and often another family. So this will be unusual for me.

Now I am sixty, and many of my friends are retiring, or changing their working lives, I want to explore the idea impressed on me by a preacher recently. He said “Do not put a full stop where God wants a comma!” What does that mean for me, my family and the church? I am going to at least begin to find out! Does such a statement speak to you? Maybe we can compare notes when I return.

As we move into September the statement by Paul in Romans 12 has a powerful word to us all, “Therefore I urge you my brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, this is our true and proper worship.” May The Lord help us to see the value in offering not just a few hours a week, but all our lives and all we are, to Him.


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