Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 3, 2015

The Strong Word – November 2015


My month on Sabbatical seems a long time ago now, but some of the thoughts I had are still quite fresh in my mind. So I wanted to share a couple of them with you all, as I also thank you for allowing me the time away for such reflections.

Firstly I have met some interesting and varied people, but underneath a brave exterior all are the same as us, struggling with money, relationships and unanswered prayers! I have also enjoyed being confronted by straight talking in situations where I am “anonymous”.

Secondly I have felt a new sense of urgency for the gospel and the church of Jesus Christ in 2015. I have felt a new responsibility for us to fulfil our calling, whoever we are, that is a tough one, when there are so many demands on our time and talents. But there really is NOTHING more important than the proclamation of the gospel.

One quote that sticks in my mind is “The church is not a warehouse for Christians but a factory that makes Christians!” The implications if that statement is true, and I believe it is true, are very big indeed. Everyone who comes to church has a job to do to ensure the gospel is shared with others.

We were told of the TV interview with a number of people who sought to get the astronauts on to the moon in 1969. Various questions were asked of a variety of scientists. A man in overalls was approached by the camera and the interviewer. He was the person who looked after the toilets in the space centre at NASA. When asked what his job was, he simply said “I am here to get a man on to the moon”.

Is our vision that clear? Or do we have our own reasons or even agendas for coming to church?

Over the next few weeks no doubt we will challenge each other to be more focused and more fruitful Christians.

John 15 v2 comes to mind…“He cuts out every branch that does not bear fruit, and those that do bear fruit he prunes”.

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