Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 1, 2016

The Strong Word – February 2016


This is my first “word” of the New Year and it’s a bit late to wish you a “Happy New Year”. For many of us the New Year is very similar to the old one, almost all of us will have the same old issues to deal with. We most likely have the same job, live in the same house, have the same income and are likely to remain the same weight!

Looking at the TV news, the issues and problems of 2016, look very much like the ones of 2015. It is also true that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is also the same. He has been the same for years and years, and will remain so for always. He loves us as much as ever he did. That love does not depend upon how “good” or “bad” we are. He just loves us and wants the best for us, all of us, whoever we are. Whatever mess we have made of things. It can be difficult to understand such love and commitment from our heavenly Father, but our job in 2016 is to get to know him better, to accept his love and care, and to be thankful for it.

Taking our Lord at his word is the major tricky issue that most of us face in our lives. Mark 9 verse 23 says: “All things are possible to them that believe….” On many occasions the Bible characters, like us, are encouraged to have faith in God and his son Jesus Christ, to trust in him. To know his strength and fruitfulness in our lives as we trust him to guide and lead. To give Him charge over our days. I need to have the faith to believe and trust, to live my life at this level.

Nothing and no one can damage the relationship we have with Jesus if we have faith in him. I John 5v4 reminds us we have victory over the world by faith. Numerous times in I John we are told that if we pray in His name then we shall receive, if we ask in accordance with His will, and our hearts are happy with such requests.

The easy bit is to pray the prayer (!) the tough bit is to believe it has been heard and will be answered. Why is it I can organise things on the telephone or online and live like they are sorted, yet to pray I can remain very unsure, even trying to answer my prayers in case God has forgotten, is asleep or just did not hear!

May we encourage each other this year to have a childlike trust in God, to know that he will be faithful to his word and we can depend on it. The year will be so much “happier” if we can just trust in him!

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