Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | March 2, 2016

The Strong Word – March 2016


Why are some days more important than others? We all have days in our lives that have greater value than others, that have changed our lives forever, like the day we were married or had a baby or became a Christian.

Looking back in history there are dates that we remember because things changed, the gun powder plot (1605), the beheading of Charles I (1649), the shooting of the Archduke in Serbia (1914) that began the First World War, or in more recent times, 9/11 when the twin towers were destroyed (2001). These events shaped the lives of many for years to come, they changed history!

Easter is the big event of March 2016. It does not itself change things but it is the celebration of the greatest event in all of history. The death and resurrection of Jesus was THE event that brought a seismic shift to the history of mankind. It was THE event which changed our relationship with Almighty God once and for all. Good Friday and Easter Sunday were the pivotal days, upon which human history turns.

As I Peter puts it, once we were not a people now we are a people, once we were far from God now we are near to him, a holy nation, a Royal priesthood, a people belonging to God. Before the first Easter, when Jesus gave himself for the sins of the world, mankind was adrift. We had lost all chance of friendship with God, our sin was too heavy to allow us to rise to live life.

But Easter changed that once and for all. Now a relationship with God is possible, sin can be forgiven by faith in Christ, and lives need not end at the grave. The future for all who accept in faith the events of Easter weekend is bright indeed.

Let us indeed “rise to keep the feast” as the old hymn writer puts it. Let us celebrate, not with chocolates or daffodils, nor even with a holiday but with praise in our hearts and thanks giving to God who offers to us life and hope in Jesus Christ.

May our opportunities of fellowship with our Christian friends over the Easter weekend be a real witness to others of what we really believe and know of God’s plan of Salvation. Jesus, there really is no other name under heaven by which men and women may be saved.



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