Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | April 5, 2016

The Strong Word – April 2016

You may not be aware, The Baptist Union has a President and such Presidents are

changed annually in May at The Assembly. This year is no exception! Jenny Entrican

will step down, on 14th May at the Assembly to be held in the Oxford conference


She has had a busy year visiting churches and Associations, but like many

Presidents, she has felt frustrated that she has been to many quite ordinary events,

supporting no more than the status quo.

Jenny has decided to end her presidency with “40 days of Daring!” This has been a

challenge she has sent out to all the Churches of the Union to encourage churches

and individuals between 6th April and 14th May to do something daring and

courageous for the Kingdom.

She says it could be anything, from deciding to set up something (big) to a more

personal decision to tell someone about your faith in Jesus.

Jenny feels “we” in the 21st Century have become stale and staid, often doing the

same old, same old… when we need to be thinking outside the box.

I feel that I am not ready for this sort of challenge, that I need more notice! Yet I am

also aware that like you there may be something presented to me in the next 40 days

that I would ordinarily have passed over, ignored or left for now. Maybe this time I/We


Can I encourage us to be open over the next few weeks to the moving of God’s Spirit.

Maybe the Lord will prompt some of us as to how to use our new buildings in a

special way to bless our community? Or maybe we shall be asked to consider a new

area of service? I feel confident that we will recognise the challenge when it comes. I

simply ask that you are ready and waiting for it. Maybe there will be more than one


When we think of the Love of God that is shown in Jesus, when we recall the

outrageous promises God makes to us, whatever we ask in his name, we shall

receive. (John 15.7)

If you believe, you shall receive whatever you ask for in prayer (Matt 21.22). Surely

we can at the very least take such and pray an outrageous prayer, and see what

happens. Who knows 40 days may be too short!


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