Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 11, 2016

The Strong Word – June 2016


Is your God too BIG? I was reading the other day about a minister who surveyed his congregation. He asked about their disappointments with God. Quite a list developed, a sick friend not healed, a newborn baby, despite frantic prayer, passed away. Added to those local stories there were the many tales of suffering and pain in so many parts of the world.

The minister came to the conclusion that such disappointments are the stuff of life. On many occasions in the scriptures he noted that alongside the stories of miracles and amazing feats by God (often in answer to prayer) there are many tales of disappointment with God, times when God is silent and inactive.

The minister concluded that we can easily remember only the miracle stories, and thus have a distorted view of God. Of course we should always have a big view of God’s grace and mercy, of his almighty power but beware of having too big a view of his will and purpose for us.

I quote his conclusions word for word: – “A view of God that is too big is harmful to believer and unbeliever alike. For when our view of God is exaggerated we can declare that God will do things that he does not intend to do, at least not on a regular basis and in all situations.”

So Jeremiah remains in his pit, Job continues to suffer, and John the Baptist is beheaded despite Jesus being close. I am sure many other bible characters come to mind.

Further in Matthew 25 we read of the sheep and the goats. Jesus reminds us as Christians of our responsibilities towards those who are hungry, or thirsty, naked or a refugee in need of help. On no occasion is miraculous power used, just kindness and the commitment of a Christian brother or sister. Someone who visits the prisoner, not release them by a miracle or who cooks a meal for a hungry person.

Throughout history it is the Christians who have shown love and practicality, costly compassion to those in need and have been the greatest and best witness to God’s love. So do we add to peoples’ disappointments in God? Or are we those who reflect God’s love by showing love and compassion?

We may have celebrated what GOD has done at Easter and Pentecost, but we must also shoulder our responsibilities for his work and kingdom.

I have found all this food for thought and I hope that you do too.



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