Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | July 5, 2016

The Strong Word – July/August 2016


Welcome to the double edition of Carey news. It is the holiday season when some organisations stop for the summer, so it is appropriate to have a break from the regular magazine news.

However, we do live in a busy world, factory fortnight seems to be a thing of the past and many work long hours each day, fitting in Family, Church and Other commitments as best as can be done. I am sure it this busyness that makes time appear to go so much quicker. Holidays for many are not so easy to fit in either!

We must remember, Jesus calls us to come to him, to learn from him, to take his yoke (burdens) and to give him ours. Jesus tells us that his burden is light and his yoke is easy.

Originally cattle had to have a yoke on their shoulders and were paired up with similar strength beasts, the yokes were made to fit, not just taken off the shelf as it were. I am sure that Jesus as a carpenter had made many yokes for working animals and taken care to ensure they fitted and did not chaffe. Jesus reminds us that in our lives too, he wants to do the same. Not to give us a life of ease but to make sure we do those things we are gifted for, to carry the burdens we are built to carry. I remember one of my cars was a problem to me because apparently I was not using it enough. The advice to improve it was to take it down a fast road for 50 miles (and back) to do it some good! So I suppose it is all about balance, doing what we should and not just what we fancy.

Such lives will have space (usually) for rest and refreshment. It is a lovely picture. I hope and pray that it can be true for each of us.

My final thought is the Girls’ Brigade, meeting faithfully here at Carey for over 75 years, and yet closing and evolving into an association with the Boys’ Brigade. One part of me is very sad, but another part is pleased that we can be brave enough to close a chapter, or is it a book (?) and open another one.

The book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 is very clear there really IS a time to plant and a time to harvest, to start things and to stop them. There is a time, and the wise see those times and respond. I am sure a lot more will be said over the next few weeks about GB but for the moment let us give thanks for all GB has given to this community around Carey for over three quarters of a century and let us trust HIM for what he has for us as a church community in the future.

May we all have an opportunity of some rest and refreshment as the summer season moves on.


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