Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | March 4, 2017

The Strong Word – March 2017

By now I suppose any New Year resolutions we promised ourselves are history? The diet, the healthier lifestyle, the reduction in biscuits, or whatever are forgotten, gone for another year, or until the weather is warmer!

We are strange! I want things to be different, to be healthier but the effort and time required seem just too much, day after day after day. I want an easy life!

Yet there are some who persevere. I read the other day of a man who ran in the1964 Olympics. Every day since he has been out for a run, EVERY DAY! The reason we hear of this now is he took a day off in January 2017, for the first time since 1964! I am impressed, I am tempted to disbelieve him. However, he looks like a man who runs every day. In the photo provided, he is fit for 78. I imagine he may have had a few days in the 53 years when he did a shorter run, but he still did a run.

The same day I read of some new research that suggests whatever illness we have, we should keep on eating! The article rubbished the idea of feeding a cold and starving a fever. Eat! Salmonella poisoning for instance, used to be treated by stopping eating. Now they say it only encourages the bug to move to other parts of the body, so eat and keep the bug more localised and recover quicker!

I want to finally discuss the issue of daily Bible reading, the nourishment of the soul. The examples above may help us. It can be difficult to find the time and inclination in a busy life with 1001 other things that crop up, to read our Bibles. All this means our hopes for having better spiritual health evaporate.

We begin to look and behave like we don’t read our Bible and pray. It becomes that obvious!

I have come to the conclusion as a Christian in 2017, the resolutions to eat better or less may be kept or broken, but I cannot afford to break with my plans to read the Bible and pray each day. I need to be spiritually fit whatever age I am. It is especially at times when we feel discouraged we should do it. Yet the same is true when we feel on top of the world. Pack your Bible with your toothbrush when you go away!

I encourage us all to improve the quality of life in 2017 and for the next year (or 53 years) read the Bible, pray and keep spiritually fit. Psalm 119v105 reminds us that God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a guide to our path, let’s not walk about in the dark anymore!

I believe such will help people to see us, to note how we are, and to praise God who is in heaven. Is that not the mission to which we are called?



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