Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | April 30, 2017

The Strong Word – May 2017


As Christians we believe the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a game changer for every person and the whole of Creation. Easter is not one of those celebrations we enjoy then revert back to normal! Easter makes a massive difference to how we live from now on.

Christ is risen hallelujah! The Apostle Paul in Romans, especially in chapter 8, is keen to remind us that with Adam sin entered the world, in Christ sin is neutralised. This is good news indeed. No longer are we limited to living life like a caterpillar but can be transformed (metamorphosised) by the Spirit of God, released at the resurrection, into butterflies! (Rom 12v1,2). Living not on a diet of cabbage but flying and free to enjoy the nectar of life!

The Church of England declared in recent weeks “Thy Kingdom Come.” This is meant to be a prayer initiative for Anglicans up and down the country for the weeks that follow Easter 2017.

However, the movement has been “hijacked”, if that is the word, by many Churches Together up and down the country. They really want to make Easter count, as Christians respond to the amazing news and blessing, Easter and Pentecost bring to the world. Here in Kettering the 22 churches making up Churches Together plan to join the Anglicans in such a prayer initiative.

For us in Kettering that means two things.

  1. From Ascension day (25th May) to Pentecost Sunday (4th June) a prayer and worship timetable has been set up in this area. Many churches, with a view to representing all the denominations in the area, will host a worship and prayer event each day, the timetable is on Page 13 of this magazine. It is a time when we can encourage prayer and unity in Christ across the town.
  2. Further, ALL Christians in the area are encouraged to perform at least one act of “Random Kindness” each day from Ascension to Pentecost, a minimum of 10 acts! Such acts of kindness, like buying someone a cup of coffee, or paying for someone to park, are just two examples (or whatever you can think of), as a means of providing evidence to those we meet that our faith really is a serious faith, which makes a difference. Easter and the Christian message of hope really changes how we think and behave, as we show and share something of God’s love to us in Jesus Christ. As we often used to sing “He has no hands but our hands to do his work today”!


May the Lord help us all to know how best we can witness for him in a time when many think Easter is only about holidays, eggs and chocolate!


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