Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 3, 2017

The Strong Word – June 2017


The Church, worldwide, celebrates Pentecost this year on 4th June. The Old Whit Bank holiday weekend was meant to provide a chance for all to stop and celebrate too. So it is a strange celebration, many who are not church orientated will not even realise the Bank Holiday at the end of May is meant to be on Pentecost weekend, even when sometimes by coincidence it is! Pentecost for many will be a normal weekend, but it ought to be celebrated even more than we celebrate Christmas.

At Christmas we celebrate “Immanuel” God with us, we remember that God came down as a baby, living as a man amongst us, forgiving sins and showing us how to live. That is OK as far as it goes, but Jesus did only come to Nazareth after being born in Bethlehem. He only moved around the nation of Israel and visited the capital city Jerusalem on a number of occasions. He actually spoke with very few, face to face as it were, limited by time and space to those who were living in the early part of the first century AD in Israel.

But, at Pentecost we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit in the world, the spirit of Jesus, who is available to live in and with each and every person who has invited him into their hearts following repentance and after expressing faith in Jesus Christ his death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit enables us to all have an encounter with God, even though we were not alive in the 1st Century.

The Spirit is The Comforter Jesus speaks of in John 14-17. The spirit who comes to dwell and live with us, to guide and prompt us, we are not left as orphans, with God and Jesus in Heaven. We are not left to do the best we can on our own. But God by his spirit is with us. The Holy Spirit will guide and lead us. He will give us the words to say and the strength to say them. He will bless and change the ordinary lives we live so that God is glorified and the kingdom of God does come on earth as it is in heaven.

So we do have something to celebrate at Pentecost, the fruit of all the life and ministry of Jesus which should attract a greater celebration in my mind than Christmas or Easter. For we now have the resources and friendship of God to carry us into the unknown future into which we all walk daily.

May Pentecost remind us of all we have gained because of Jesus, friendship and communion with God the creator of the ends of the earth. It is indeed a time for celebration.




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