Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | July 31, 2017

The Strong Word – July/August 2017


Perhaps like me you were encouraged by the weather forecast in early May? A long hot dry summer predicted. The dry April encouraged me to believe them. I decided however to wait before I removed the garden chairs from storage, you know what English weather can be like!

But despite being cool there were water warnings as the dry (and soon to be!) warm weather was promised and would quickly overtake us and a hosepipe ban would be necessary. It is only days away we were told. 1976 all over again!

So with a couple of warm, dry days behind me I brought out the garden chairs and you can guess, as I am writing this it has not stopped raining nor has the cold wind stopped blowing since!

Contrast this with my experience booking a seaside holiday. I looked at the tide timetables for the week we were planning so we knew when the beach would be available to us. The exact time of high tide at Falmouth for the next year is printed for all to see, to the exact minute. It will be so, guaranteed, for it is God who controls the moon and the stars in their courses.

Such thoughts have reminded me of the faithfulness of God, who offers his love guaranteed to each of us, whatever we have been like or whatever our past. He is faithful, to his promises to forgive us if we go to him in repentance. God is not like the untrustworthy British weather. To enter God’s presence in humility will always bring the same loving answer. He really does care for us, especially when we invite him to do so.

I hope over the summer, whatever our weather, we are all able to have time to consider again the goodness and faithfulness of God. As the seasons move on, we can pause, thank God and learn of him as we seek to trust him more. Maybe you will have space to read a Christian book to encourage your faith. To see things from someone else’s view. Or to read a Bible study book based on one of your favourite Bible books, or a less well known one?

Psalm 146 verse 3 onwards puts it like this:- “Do not put your trust in human beings, they cannot save you…. but Blessed is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, the maker of the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them. For the Lord remains faithful forever…. the Lord upholds us, he feeds us, he heals us, releases us from prisons, and watches over us” What a God who does this for ever for he does not slumber or sleep.

I believe such investment of our spare time will bring a useful blessing as God speaks to our hearts and souls. May the Lord bless us in the summer season be it wet or dry, warm or cold!



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