Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | October 5, 2017

Thought for the day with Teck – October 2017


With all the children returning to school and adults back to work, some might say or think, that it is the ‘end of our wonderful Summer’. However now, many of our older generation are commencing their Summer breaks and as Darren and I can have our holidays when we want to, September is usually ‘Munro bagging time’. In other words, ‘The Galaxy’ is piled to the brim with camping and walking gear, bike, crates of food, piles of books, maps, compass and electronic gadgets. Darren then tries to squeeze himself in the driver’s seat and heads northward to the Scottish Highlands. This is to walk/climb as many as possible 3,000 ft mountains, known as Munro’s of which there are 282. (There is usually no room for me in the car and I fly up by plane or catch an overnight train and be met in Inverness, but I usually manage to squeeze in the car on the return journey but only because the food has been eaten!!).

The areas in Scotland he visits is all dependant on the weather and the conditions. Darren, is a ‘fair weather’ walker and wintery conditions are out as far as he is concerned. He is on a 15-year schedule and is now sub 80 to finishing and can end up driving hundreds of miles between destinations. For every mountain walk he prepares a route plan and a copy is left behind in case it is needed in an emergency. The last item on the agenda before setting off is always to pray his favourite Psalm 121, I lift up my eyes to the quiet hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord. He will not let your foot slip, etc. Darren now knows this Psalm by heart and it set me thinking I wonder how many of us know chapters or verse from passages of the Bible from memory without looking at it.

I’m not very good at memorising numbers, chapters or book names where in the Bible passages come from, but many years ago at school we had a test to learn and memorise Matthew 6 28-30 titled ‘Do not worry’, from the old King James version. It goes like this – “Consider the lilies and how they grow, they spin not they toil not and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these….”

I struggled for weeks to remember it all in preparation for test day, learning a sentence at a time and cursing the teacher involved. I needn’t have worried and I thank him now because I can still remember every single word of this passage. When I’m stressed I sit down and repeat it to myself, the precise message being ‘Do not worry, God will look after you’.

Have you got a favourite passage from the Bible? Let Keith know and perhaps we will be able to print a few for the Carey newsletter in the weeks to come, to help cheer up the darker nights. Many Blessings to you all.


Sandra Teck



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