Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | December 3, 2017

The Strong Word – December/January 2017


So this is the Christmas and New Year edition of the Carey News. The festive season is upon us, although you do not need me to tell you that, evidence is all around, lights, trees, goodies in the shops, all reminding us Christmas is the next big event.

We shall be celebrating at Carey in the usual ways, with Angels, Wise Men, Shepherds and the baby, we shall sing carols and read readings, and it will be very familiar to most of us. Maybe too familiar?

I heard a Minister recently say that he was criticised last year for producing Christmas services where the Christmas story was the same as ever it was, the parishioner who complained had been hoping to hear something new!

The minister suggested that in a future year maybe he could have the Good News message delivered not by Angel Gabriel but by an Orang-utan. Imagine that! Or maybe some other major amendment to the story could be made for effect?

Yet, the Christmas story heard with open and expectant ears and hearts, will bring a fresh and new message to us. If I listen closely to the familiar words of the various passages, I believe God will speak afresh to us even after 2017 years telling of the story.

A few weeks ago when Nigel Coles came to speak to us, he told us to be still as he read the passage of scripture, so we could hear what it was the Lord had for us from the passage that day, probably something different for me than for my neighbour? To approach Christmas 2017 in that attitude will surely bring personal insight and blessing as we seek to know exactly what the good news of the arrival of Jesus into the world means for me and my friends and family in 2018?

So can we really expect, and then as William Carey himself would say, in response to God’s word afresh to us, be encouraged to attempt great things in faith for the Lord in the year ahead?

Jane and I wish a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all.



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