Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 3, 2018

The Strong Word – February 2018


Happy New Year to all readers of Carey News, a bit late I know as the year is quite old now! I am sure you are looking forward to the real benefits of the New Year – lighter nights and warmer days which we can really enjoy.

I heard a tall story the other day. There was a successful manager in a large company who used to eat his lunch in the local park if the sun was shining. One day, as you do, he was greeted by a fairy Godmother!! What is your greatest wish? That was easy he wanted to be the managing director of the company, OK she said, it is done.

The man returned to his office, which was no longer there, his old job no longer existed and there at the top of the building was a huge office with his name on the door. Amazing! For years he was a successful man, hiring and firing, investing and developing. The company went from strength to strength, he never had time to sit in the park with his sandwiches.

One lovely sunny day he was less busy than usual, he took himself over to the park to the old bench he used to sit on, and hey, there he was greeted again by the fairy Godmother. Is there anything you wish me to do for you, she asked him?

The man thought for a moment, then jumped in with his two feet. I fancy a big change, to be God for a few years! Without blinking she told him it was done! The man returned to the building, and the big office he had occupied for many a year no longer had his name on the door. Someone else was there instead. He was not worried and he looked around for his place, and was surprised to see a small room with his name on the door, inside was a brush, a broom, a cleaning bucket and a caretakers uniform…….

The question I ask myself in 2018 is this:- Am I here to manage others, to be served, or am I here to serve. The example we have from the gospels from Jesus is that he came to serve, to wash feet and to take on the tasks of a lowly servant.

Strangely the word to serve in Greek is the same word as the word for deacon! We are all called to be deacons in the church, though some have the formal title, we are all called to serve if the church is to be the church in 2018. May we not be surprised if we find The Lord is asking us to do things we thought were for someone else! There is much that needs doing, how available are we?

Peter Strong


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