Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | March 4, 2018

The Strong Word – March 2018


Easter is early this year! In Kettering an early Easter used to mean Wicksteed Park opened earlier than usual, as it was always on Good Friday it opened for the summer season. But no more, it seems to me the Park opens as soon as the weather is fit to start the rides and take money!

But for many of us Easter remains an important date, indeed it is the centre of our Christian faith and the Christian year. We commemorate the last supper and the death and resurrection of Jesus often in a year, as we take communion bread and wine.

The time before Easter is when we pause to remember the cost of our sins to God, the life of Jesus. A time when we respond in thanks by repenting (turning) from those sins, trusting by faith the price of the release from sin is paid in full by the actual death of Jesus on a cross outside Jerusalem in the year AD 30. His death is for the sins we were born with, ones we inherited from our human ancestors, as well as the ones we have added into our lives ourselves by our selfish behaviour and ways.

So Easter IS good news, it is the best reason of all to stop, consider, then celebrate. Lent and Holy Week give us such a chance to prepare, as we remember the agony through which Jesus went as he walked to Jerusalem. When, in those last few hours he was beaten, abused and forced to carry his own cross on which he was killed.

We too are called to carry our cross, to walk the narrow way, to shun the wide road that leads only to the destruction of our souls.

I am always impressed by those who have a dry, alcohol free January, to improve their bodies and lives, or those who go sugar free in February to kick start a health drive or lose weight. Maybe we too can use such thoughts this Lent, to remove things from our lives that slow up the movement of God’s spirit in our hearts. You might wish to read the Parable of the Sower in Mark 4, to consider how hardness of heart, rocks, thistles and weeds can really stunt our spiritual growth.

I hope in Lent 2018, the thought of celebrating Easter at the end of March should encourage us to do something about our poor spiritual state. To kick start a mini revival, as it were, in our hearts and lives. May the Lord have mercy on us & bless us.



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