Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | May 4, 2018

The Strong Word – May 2018


An Early Easter means an early Pentecost! This year Pentecost falls on Sunday 20th May. A few years ago, in our increasing secular nation, the Spring Bank Holiday was separated from the Whit (Pentecost) weekend, and so Pentecost is often now not on a Bank Holiday weekend. Many will not realise it is Christian festival, Pentecost 2018 will past them by.

However, I encourage you to note the article I have placed elsewhere in this magazine where the season from Ascension Day (10th May) to Pentecost (20th May) is being marked by all the Churches in Kettering following a request by the Archbishop of Canterbury to get involved in the “Thy Kingdom Come Project”. Such a project, throughout our nation, encourages cooperation between Christians and invites all Christians to be outward looking, sharing our faith and hope with those who do not know Jesus.

Christmas and Easter are important dates in the church diary, but Pentecost is when the church was truly “born”. We read the familiar passages of the Apostle Peter fifty days after the resurrection, preaching boldly in Jerusalem. This preaching is backed up by the arrival of God’s Holy Spirit amongst those early believers. It was exciting times, with many coming to faith in Jesus and the church beginning to be the Body of Christ on earth.

Peter tells the crowd that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”. This is the central message of the Christian gospel. Jesus came to save us from our sin. He came to restore a broken relationship between man and God, a brokenness we have inherited in our mortal lives. Jesus can restore us to a true and deep friendship with God, and for many this is a truth difficult to accept. There must be other options, many claim – my ways and thoughts are OK! We must repent our sins, be Baptised, in the name of Jesus, receiving the gift of new life through the Holy Spirit of God.

Such a relationship with God and a certainty about our future, after this life is over, comes ONLY by faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for our sin. Trusting in what he has done. Not in what we have done or may do or say. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Surely, with such a glorious truth to enjoy and share, the “Thy Kingdom Come” project 2018 will be something we want to get involved in, our faith will be strengthened and others have the chance of a faith and hope too. Why would we not want for others what we have for ourselves?



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