Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 2, 2018

The Strong Word – June 2018


I have begun doing some cooking lately, not anything fancy you understand, but I have branched out from the occasional meal, to cooking, or should I say baking cakes, in particular, Mary Berry’s Apple Cake. If eaten while still warm it is especially nice!

However, one does have to follow the recipe for the best results, not guessing the flour or butter but properly weighing out the ingredients.

I have also learnt the importance of not forgetting an ingredient! In the early days I once forgot the eggs and just could not get the mix right, what is worse I could not see why, it was nearly there but it was lacking something. Being new to cake making I thought I could remember the recipe but forgot a vital ingredient, which if I had cooked it would have led to an uneatable disaster! It remained a sorry mess, which I had to throw away because instead of eggs I added more butter!

As you would expect, I have made a comparison with our Christian faith and baking.

Christian lives need a number of ingredients, in the right measure, if they are to be as they ought to be, useful and balanced.

I believe faith is one of those essential ingredients that can easily be forgotten or used in the wrong measure so our lives do not rise, as it were, to the occasion! Reading God’s word, hearing the Lord speak, is not enough, nor is it right to just believe. We must respond in faith, to step out, to put our belief into practice. To “know” that to call on the name of the Lord, is the way to receive help.

The Bible is clear, without faith we cannot please God, nor can we be the Christian we need to be. When did I last read a promise God has made, believe it and live as though it is completely true? This means leaning on the promise, not on my own ideas, thoughts and ways. It is not easy. It takes time to learn. But, it is the only way to a good result.

For the best result with my cake, I must include all the ingredients for it to be perfect every time! I fear I can put too much of me, or the world, in my Christian life just like I put in too much butter and no eggs, and end up a sorry mess!

We must have (and use) our faith (our trust) in God!


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