Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | August 4, 2018

The Strong Word – August 2018

I almost forgot to write this! It is the first August newsletter we have had at Carey since I arrived in 2005. I am told there will be one in September too, so we are doing well this year! But a lot has been happening so it is a shame if we cannot enjoy reading and seeing pictures of all our recent events. Perhaps the most memorable was the celebration of Joan Carnell’s life. She is featured in this edition in shortened version of the tributes paid to her.

It was the sheer number of people who came, (around 350) with all seats filled and 20 or so standing at the back! Where did they all park? But it was good to share in what she had done over the years, working with so many in both paid and unpaid work. She worked hard amongst us with a smile on her face and in her usual cheery way. If you were there I am sure you will also remember, especially the singing and “The Sound Sensation” choir who sang in honour of her time with them.

Joan made so many friends and she made a difference to many lives. She is in a sense a role model for us all. To use the time we have on this earth well and wisely. She was always doing something, the most recent being the coffee mornings raising monies for her charities, filling the church with her friends at the same time.

I found myself considering the story of Jesus in Matthew 25 of the servants given 5, 2 and 1 talent. The one who is criticised by Jesus is the one who buried his talent in the ground and refused to use it. He had it taken from him.

Joan certainly used her talent in life, and my question to myself is this:- How do I use the gift/talent the Lord has given me? I may not be able to sing like Joan!! But I do have something from the Lord. What is your talent or gift? How are you using it? What will be said at our funerals about our lives? The service for Joan helps us focus on such important issues and make changes while there is still time.



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