Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | November 3, 2018

The Strong Word – November 2018


It is November, it is 2018 – we must remember. One hundred years have passed since the War to end all Wars finally finished, after four long, difficult years for many in Europe and beyond.

Like you, I was not present 100 years ago, but I have heard stories from those who were. The TV has also been busy telling us more tales of heroism and sadness.

I may not have been present during the 1939-45 War, but again I have heard stories from parents and grandparents and seen the results of warfare. There were bombed out buildings in Birmingham right into the1960’s, and I remember in 1965 going to see the new Coventry Cathedral. Then entering into the shell of the old Cathedral and imagining the destruction that must have come upon that whole city as bombs dropped from above.

It is good the destroyed Cathedral remains for all to see and for all to remember. But I do ask myself how could this be? It was all only a few years ago, in familiar places, and from people who were our near neighbours.

The danger is when we do not remember, when we do not pass on the stories and so open the way for it to all happen again. But we must acknowledge War remains a familiar experience for many in the 21st Century and that should not be so.

Jesus always told us not to hate our brother (or sister) and to love our enemies. It is not easy we need His help to do so. We must each be channels of peace so that war remains in the past for as many people as possible in 2018.

Is this the sort of prayer we should pray?

Loving God, you sent your Son to bring your peace to the world. Help us to work for your peace in our home, our schools, our towns and our world. Protect, we ask, all who experience War and the effects of War. We pray for protection for those sent to war zones and we ask Lord that those families whose loved ones have been lost to War may know your consolation and your peace, a peace that passes understanding. We pray our prayers though Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and who is our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


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