Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | April 1, 2019

The Strong Word – April 2019


A few years ago, in the 1960’s, a scientist called Stephen Morrison became quite annoyed with the Christian Church particularly its confidence over the Resurrection of Jesus.

Morrison decided to conduct a thorough scientific investigation of the resurrection stories, to prove once and for all the Christian faith is a sham. If he could disprove the Easter story, he would cause the whole Christian message to unravel. He felt he would have done the human race a great favour!

So he began his investigation, looking at issues like who could have moved the stone in front of the tomb and looked at the disciples with their new found confidence after Easter Sunday, with all the risks they took in the Acts of the Apostles preaching the good news of Jesus rising from the dead, and forgiving sin.

Instead of proving the Bible was wrong he ended up believing it, becoming a Christian himself, the evidence he amassed was too great to deny the resurrection was true. Morrison called his book “Who moved the Stone” because he came to see that the only reasonable explanation of all that happened on the first Easter Sunday and beyond is that it is all indeed true!

As I say he became a Christian, joined the church and never found any reason over the rest of his life to disprove his conclusions. He had what we would call a relationship with Jesus himself.

As we come to Easter this year, read again the stories of Holy Week, the events of Good Friday and Easter Day, as we follow through with the resurrection appearances, we owe it to ourselves to seriously consider the truth or otherwise of such accounts.

We can then discount it all as rubbish, go our own way, making up our own beliefs as we see fit, OR we must believe it which puts us in the position of having to act accordingly by putting our faith in Jesus Christ, following and serving him all our days as did Stephen Morrison.

I believe the story of Easter as set out in the Gospels. Do you?


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