Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 2, 2019

The Strong Word – June 2019


A friend of mine was emailed the other day by his boss asking a simple question, “Why did you fill your company car up with petrol on a Sunday?” My friend’s response was blunt, pointing out he had an early start on Monday, and as he is not as young as he was, pushing the company car down the M11 is not as easy for him these days, he finds a tank of petrol to be so much better!

For me such a story sums up the message of Pentecost, a Christian festival we celebrate this year on Sunday 9th June. We are reminded of the day the early church received God’s Spirit for the first time. The disciples were warned to wait in Jerusalem for the spirit to arrive, and not go out on their own without the Spirit. They would not be safe in the world or as effective if they did not have God’s Spirit.

We are not called to push, pull or carry the church, though sometimes it can feel like it! We are called instead, like the early disciples, to be filled with the Spirit, even though we can leak like a colander, we can and must seek God’s Spirit to do God’s work. Because we need the power and protection the Spirit offers to us, we also need the fellowship with God that prevents us from ever feeling alone, and the confidence that comes from knowing we are doing his will.

I was out and about last Autumn, when I noticed a group of people struggling to push the family car down the main road, the youngest and smallest of them was doing the steering, obviously made sense. It looked hard work and many were overtaking, and smiling at them!

I do hope we never find ourselves in that position at Carey, trying to keep the church on the move with our own ideas, strength and resources and for others to be smiling at us! Let us ask God for his spirit, his presence and his power, the God who answers such prayers. See in Luke 11, after the parable of the man going to his friend at midnight for some food, Jesus says, we should Ask, Seek and Knock, for God will certainly give his Holy Spirit to those who ask.

Especially now we have heard from Colin Pye, may we have the power and presence of the spirit amongst us on Pentecost Sunday and every day at Carey. May the Lord bless us indeed with the presence and the wisdom of his Spirit.

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