Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | August 4, 2019

The Strong Word Augus/September 2019


Anxiety and stress are issues many people are dealing with these days. I have seen it suggested a quarter of all doctors appointments are about such issues. So it is not surprising to find the scriptures to be ready for such an epidemic with good advice.

The phrase:- “do not be afraid”, or “fear not” appears in the Bible 365 times, one for each day of the year. (I do wonder who counted them and why, and are we allowed to be more worried in a leap year?) Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount is good to us when he tells us:- Do not to be anxious about anything……for your heavenly Father knows…..

These are encouraging words to us all, adding to such famous words from the familiar Psalm 23, that even in the valley of the shadow of death we should fear no evil for the Lord is with us…Or Ps 31, my times are in your hands O Lord …

In some ways it is not surprising anxiety has risen as God has been slowly excluded from our world. There is no longer the weekly respite of Sundays being special and different when families gel. Shops are open and the biggest sporting events always take place on a Sunday leaving many with little chance to be still, to step aside and find rest, to enjoy the still waters and the green pastures the Lord wishes to lead us and bless us in.

We cannot save the world, but over these next few weeks, before the busyness of the autumn season kicks in we can begin to practice what we believe. To trust in God for those things we cannot change and take time out, to know his peace and presence in our lives. Maybe delete an engagement so we have some space to seek first God’s Kingdom, to enjoy Sunday worship and fellowship at Carey, or wherever we may be, to see our stress levels reduce and to be those people others want be.

The doctors tell us to reduce our blood pressure we have to change our diet and behaviour, it is no different in the spiritual realm, to change our behaviours and prayer lives will reduce the pressure. As with a diet there is no quick fix.

May we taste and see the Lord is Good.

A Happy August and September to all readers.


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