Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | December 2, 2019

The Strong Word – December/January 2019


I was surprised recently with the number of people who went to Japan to support the English Rugby team when they found themselves in the final. Perhaps the best example was the player whose twin brother went to Tokyo to offer his support. He just had to be there.

This sort of thing happens most weekends, when supporters travel many miles to watch their team play and offer support and encouragement from the stands. Many would not consider watching the match on TV, despite it being warmer and cheaper! They must go.

They must show their support, in victory or in failure. They will be there.

We are just about to enter the Christmas season when we celebrate, the coming of “Emmanuel”, God with us. That is what, for me, it is all about. God chose to leave the warmth of heaven and come to live amongst us on earth, beginning in a cold stable, continuing in an insignificant town of Nazareth and ending on a lonely, exposed Cross- so he could support us and be with us. He just had to be with us, he could not stay away from our lives.

Jesus arriving on Earth meant the days of issuing commands on tablets of stone to Moses on a mountain top are over. Now the words of God are going to be written on our hearts by the presence of the spirit of Jesus in our lives if we invite him into our hearts, he is there to support and bless us.

Christmas is the sign things have changed. God is with us and that changes everything.

(If God is for us who can be against us?) So are we going to share the good news and welcome the support that comes to us in the form of a baby wrapped in strips of cloth?

This is the Good News that we share at this time of the year.

To me it is such a shame the Good News is so well hidden behind the tinsel, the wrapping and all the trappings of the season. Many will miss it altogether as presents and parties, food and drink obscure the real reason we stop the normal cycle of our lives to take a break.

But this is not just a Christmas message, it is one that we can take into all 366 days of 2020, as we celebrate the God who is with us, offering daily support, protection and advice. The Angels may well be heard singing:- Glory to God in the highest and peace to man on earth!

A Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to all Carey friends.


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