Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | February 2, 2020

The Strong Word – February 2020


We need climate change and we need it now! Let me explain my thinking.

Turn on the TV these days and it is not long before climate change is mentioned. There may be an extreme weather condition reported or climate change protestors on the march, any excuse is used to put climate change in the script of many programmes.

But I am not talking about THAT climate change, I am thinking about the recent general reduction in the spiritual temperature in many lives and communities. From where I stand many have grown cold to the call of God and blessings of the Gospel. The good news of forgiveness of repentance from sin (a turning), followed by forgiveness is now so last century, so old hat. Only some old people and a few odd youngsters it seems, have a balanced climate in their hearts and lives.

The spiritual climate is changing, the temperature is dropping. It will I believe cause as much, if not more, chaos than the increase in the measurable temperature of the world in which we live. God is excluded from so many situations. I have noted these last few Christmases a reduction in the number of those who wish to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Indeed so much of the Christmas celebrations actually exclude our Lord, weird I know.

It came home to me as I wished an old school friend a happy Christmas. His response was he did not wish to have such a greeting, thank you. He offered me a winter festival wish!

He has been through the same school assemblies and Sunday school as me, yet has turned his back, gone cold you might say.

The world is seeking in the new decade to encourage all to make a difference, as we consider our carbon footprint. We can do small things which we are told will make a big difference.

How much more, as Christians, should we seek to do our bit, as it were, to consider our spiritual footprint and the small changes in prayer and commitment to our Lord that we can make each day which will tackle such a serious global cooling of hearts and lives. We are told just a few small actions each day really can make a difference. I am sure that it is true in both climate change areas I have mentioned!

Happy New Year


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