Posted by: Carey Memorial Baptist Church, Kettering | June 13, 2020

The Strong Word – June 2020

Late spring is time for us Christians to celebrate. We have already enjoyed Christmas and Easter, a time when many join us in the festivities, holidays from work, lots of food and family as well as services in churches and on TV. Festivals such as Pentecost (31st May this year) are not as widely celebrated and even the bank holiday is often no longer on the right weekend. Further, if you have not celebrated Ascension then it is too late! (It was the Thursday 21st May).
At Christmas we remembered Jesus is also named Immanuel, meaning God with us, and Pentecost marks the last step in this process of God dealing with mankind. Prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel looked forward to the future, to a time when God’s spirit comes down to dwell with man. God’s laws and ways are not just written down on stone or in books but are written on hearts and in lives. A time when hearts of stone become hearts of flesh, warm and open to God himself, an experience that had been unknown in the world since the time of the first man and woman and before Sin entered.
So we may be in lockdown, we may not be able to worship together as we once did, but we do have in our hearts God’s Spirit his very presence, it is the gift we receive when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives as our personal Lord and Saviour. This gift of the spirit of God enables us to be the people we are called to be, to take on the likeness of our heavenly Father as children do look and behave like their parents! God’s spirit enables us to take on such characteristics.
I like it when the Lord says “where two or three are gathered in my name I am there in the midst.” We gather in the Lord’s name on a Sunday, either in one place or on line and Jesus is with us. He did not say, I MAY be there, if I have nothing else on, or if you are especially deserving! No, he promises he WILL be with us. We must expect it and trust he is. We can expect to meet with our Lord and he with us, we believe him when he tells us he is with us until the end of the age. If we pray in his name he will hear us and answer us.
Since the Ascension of Jesus and the arrival at Pentecost of the Spirit of Jesus on earth we are never alone and we will be, forever in the presence of God himself, whether in this world or the next.
May the Lord continue to be with us as we celebrate Pentecost in 2020. May the Lord Bless us and keep us, Amen.

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